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The productivity in the offices, which are designed considering criteria such as employee ergonomics and organization and designed in an architectural harmony, is undoubtedly much higher than in ordinary offices. After transferring their dreams and expectations to the EvimiTasarla team, those who buy online office design will experience the happiness of entrusting themselves to the interior architects they will be in contact with during the design process. All office furniture, lighting products, decorative elements, floor coverings, curtains and blinds, wall colors to be included in the office decoration are determined and the design process begins. Every stage is progressed in communication with you. The result will undoubtedly fascinate you. You will have the opportunity to take a virtual tour in your newly decorated bedroom in the EvimiTasarla VR360 environment. You will be able to observe the placement of the products we have chosen in the office environment in harmony with each other, and you will even have the chance to see some elements such as floor covering, wall color with alternatives, moreover, by using your own mobile phone or computer. Each package is valid for one venue. You can get an office design package for each of the executive room, meeting room and open office areas (up to 40m2).

Inspiration Board

In order to better explain the style and spirit of the project, a board that you can be inspired by will be delivered to you at the end of the project. You will be able to see the images of the products we have included in the design and how they are combined.

Layout plan

Your interior architect develops 2-3 alternative layouts suitable for your space and continues to work together according to the chosen plan.

3D Visual

At the end of the project, the interior architect who designed your space will deliver 2-3 3D images for you to see the final design. Thanks to these visuals, you can witness with your eyes the harmony of colors and textures, where your belongings should stand!

Shopping list

At the end of each design, your interior designer prepares the shopping list, the recipe you need to get that space. Thanks to the contracted companies, EvimiTasarla offers you special discounts and you don't have to spend a lot of time shopping.


EvimiTasarla presents the environment it has designed thanks to the innovative technologies it uses, in addition to 3D visuals, in a "Virtual Reality" environment. You can visit your virtual space, which you can easily access from any computer or mobile device, see your space from every angle, and even change its colors and textures thanks to its interactive structure!

Communication throughout the project

Your interior architect starts the design after getting the necessary information from you. Throughout the project, it involves you in the project to make sure the design fits your style. In this way, your interior designer gets to know you better and brings you together with the space of your dreams.

Color and Texture selection

One of the most important elements of space design is the choice of color and texture.

The interior architect will ensure that your space is in harmony, from textiles to wall paint, with special suggestions for you.,

Furniture selection

Choosing new furniture is never easy and takes a lot of time. Your interior architect designs the furniture that suits your style by choosing from brands that fit your budget.

Accessory selection

The choice of accessories in home decoration plays a big role in creating the spirit of the place. Choosing the locations, styles and materials of accessories is not as easy as it seems. Your interior architect creates a magic by bringing together the accessories suitable for you and your space.

Custom furniture design

Sometimes, instead of choosing a product, it may be necessary to design furniture specific to the space. Your interior designer will also help you with this. In this case, you will receive the drawings of the specially produced product at the delivery of the project.

How Does the Process Work?

- Interior design service online with you everywhere. At home, at work, on holiday... Online Interior Architecture is a process where you will be in online communication with your architect and use your valuable time efficiently. How Does?

- After choosing the design package that suits you and placing your order, you will fill out the Project Form in which you will send us information about the project such as photographs and sketches. The Style Assistant you will solve at this stage will find your style, allowing us to understand your style and what you like.

- You will have the opportunity to talk to your designer about the details of the project in the online meeting we will hold on the date we have determined together.

- In the online meeting, we will get to know and understand you better with details such as your expectations and dreams from design, your style, the functionality of the space and your budget. We care about this step so that it is a special project for you that you will like.

- We will take your opinion by preparing layout alternatives for your room, and we will move forward with the layout that appeals to you.

- We will make product selections that suit your budget and style, based on the furniture dimensions and geometries that are clear in the layout plan.

- We will hold another online meeting where we will talk about our alternative product selections.

- We will move on to the presentation stage of the project with the products that we will clarify according to your preference from the selection we offer.

- It is a process where we make the design and all architectural guidance during the process, but you make the choice among the different options we offer to you, so you will not have to worry if the result is not satisfactory to you!

- When we complete the project and deliver the presentation works to you, you will have the opportunity to experience the space and design as a whole. The delivery time is only 3 weeks, which is quite fast…

- Moreover, if you see everything together and change your mind about the products you have chosen, do not forget that you have the right to make one revision.

How to decorate the office?

Office design is one of the important details in an efficient and happy business life. It will be good for you to turn your office into a space you enjoy being in with a beautiful decoration. You can start designing your office by first researching office decoration ideas and deciding what you want. The next step is to work on the layout plan and choose office furniture. You can then complete the design with office decor and accessories.

What should happen in the office?

A desk and chair, and if it is an office where guests will come, a seating group and a coffee table can be considered as basic furniture that should be in the office. The types of furniture to be used, such as units with drawers where the person can put his/her belongings, and bookcases for files and documents, can be shaped according to need.




Your designer will design the space of your dreams.


3D Secure assurance, installment payment opportunity.


The right to a revision if something does not suit you.




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