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How is the project process?

What do we expect from you?

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Choose Design Package

Choose the most suitable design package for you among the design packages prepared for each place and suitable for different budgets. You can find the contents and sample project images on the description pages of the Design Packages. After choosing the design package, you can place your order and start the project process.

Design Packages
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Set your style with Style Assistant

The style assistant will help you discover your decoration style. Moreover, you can use the Style Assistant without ordering it. You can experience it or share it with your friend if you wish.

Start Style Assistant
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Fill Project Form

After learning your style, you need to fill out this form so that we can get to know you better and understand your location. This form, which will be carefully examined by our designers, is the starting point of the project.

Answer Questions

We have a few questions to better understand you, your life scenario and your likes. It is very important for us that you answer these questions.


Don't be intimidated! Perfect lines or error-free proportions not mandatory… Imagine you are looking at your room from a bird's eye view and the walls are on a blank sheet of paper just as shown. draw. Leave places such as windows and doors blank and indicate their locations as in the drawing. Show the opening direction of the doors as you see in the drawing. If there is fixed furniture in the space, indicate it as in the drawing.


First measure the length and width of the room. Then measure and write the walls one by one. It would be better if you also measure the indentations and protrusions. After measuring and writing every partition on the walls; measure the length of the entire wall from the beginning to the end in one go, which will be a check for what you just did. Finally, apply these operations for all walls.


Take a photo of each corner of the room individually, diagonally towards the center of the room. When the corners are finished, move to the middle of a wall and from there to the opposite take a picture looking at the wall. Repeat this for each wall. The more photos and the wider angle you can take, the better.

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Meet Your Designer

Your interior designer will contact you after the Design My Home supervisors identify the design team that will deal with your project.

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Experience the Design Process

Your interior architect determines the layout suitable for your life scenario. He recommends products suitable for this plan and your style and shares them with you. As a result of the meetings, the products are determined and the preparation of the project presentation begins .

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Check Out Your Project

When the project presentation is completed, it is presented digitally. If you can't find what you want at the end of the project, you have the right to a revision.

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Shop with pleasure

Complete the decoration of your house by purchasing the furniture and accessories included in our design.

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