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Online Interior Architecture
service from an experienced
and creative team, suitable for
your style and budget.

How Does Online Interior Architecture Service Work?

1. SELECT DESIGN PACKFind the one that suits you among dozens of options and place your order.

2. VIEW YOUR DESIGNERShare your dreams and expectations with your designer.

3. NEW ROOM IS READY!Access all the details of the design online.

4. SHOPPING TIMEBuy and place the products we have selected for you.


EvimiTasarla VR360

VR360 technology was developed to show the best of the new space. You will understand what the drawings on paper cannot explain by walking through it. An exciting experience awaits you.


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Gift, Delight

Do you want to give an unusual gift to your loved ones? You can gift our Design Packages to people you think need innovation in their living space. Maybe a study corner, maybe a living room... Just imagine!

The place we live in affects our mood positively or negatively, even if we are not aware of it. Do not When we are in a mood, we can be filled with energy when we sit in front of a striking orange wall, or on the contrary, we can catch the calmness we need in a pastel-colored floral-scented environment where we are when we are angry or restless. Therefore, color and materials are of great importance when determining our home decoration style.

Furniture and complementary accessories that we use in decoration are also a part of our personality and mood, as well as color and material. The texture of fabrics, the frequencies of colors, the harmony of furniture and accessories enrich and enrich the atmosphere we live in with our personal styles and trends.

EvimiTasarla.net, which started to provide online interior design service for the first time in Turkey, EvimiTasarla takes the online interior architecture presentation technique to a different point with its 360VR technology. The EvimiTasarla team, which creates designs suitable for the dreams and budget of the customers in the style desired by the customers, sets itself apart from its competitors by keeping the customer satisfaction in the focus.